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Humidity Collector GIFA Roses for Wardrobes 250gr

New -30% Humidity Collector GIFA Roses for Wardrobes 250gr

Humidity Collector GIFA Roses for Wardrobes 250gr.

Moisture in wardrobes and storage areas is very disturbing, especially during autumn and winter.

Even if they are opened and ventilated daily, cloakrooms and wardrobes are sensitive to the various dangers of moisture build-up.

Molding on the walls has a particularly unpleasant odor.

The moisture collector for wardrobes is specifically designed to combat these problems.

The moisture collector for wardrobes is conveniently packaged and equipped with a hook, allowing you to hang it in your dressing room or wardrobe.

Once installed, the active ingredients immediately begin to work, trapping the moisture and spreading a wonderful lavender scent.

A special moisture-permeable material allows the moisture to flow into the dehumidifier where it is trapped and stored in the form of a clear liquid in the bag for later disposal.

The moisture collector attracts moisture and liquefies it in the transparent water collection bag.

Intelligent packaging traps moisture in the form of liquid dripping into the transparent bag.

It does not let a single drop escape the dehumidifier, ensuring room for odor and humidity for up to 3 months!

Once you close your wardrobe doors, air circulation stops.

As a result, the air becomes wet and smelly.

Once all the crystals have dissolved, the moisture absorber can be replaced.

When full, only needs replacement.

No more moisture

* No leaks, no stains

* Simple Use

* For spaces up to 20 m³

* With lavender scent

* It needs replacement after 2-3 months, depending on the level of moisture

* Content: 250gr - grains

* Capacity: up to 450ml

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