Return policy

Return policy by supporting E-commerce enables you, through the fullness of the descriptions posted in its pages, to enjoy the privilege of direct interaction with the products that supplies, from your computer screen quickly and easily.

In an effort to highlight the benefits of using the internet on our everyday purchases, following, we provide the terms and conditions for returning defective or non-defective products.

1. Product Returns due to delivery error

In all cases where the goods shipped are other than the ones purchased, differing in shade , type or quantity or missing a, previously agreed in writing with the COMPANY, characteristic the customer can return the products for inspection and verification of the error.

In this case the return and reshipping to the customer costs shall be borne by the COMPANY as long as COMPANY procedure instructions are followed.

2. Returns of defective products

If the product is found to have a manufacturing defect, confirmed by photographs of it, the return of the product to be replaced should include all the documents accompanying the product (eg DAT, Proof of Retail and so on) in its original full packaging.

  •     All products should be returned to us without having been opened or crumpled.
  •     We will not accept any product that is damaged or dirty.
  •     In this case, we may send it back to you.
  •     Cancellations are not possible for tinted paint of a selected shade.

For any questions about the right of return, please contact our customer service:


In cases of return by courier, the customer is charged with the expense of the return shipment and the COMPANY is charged with the dispatch costs of the replaced good.

After returning the products, the defect referred to by the customer is checked and then THE customer is informed of the results of the inspection.

If the defect is confirmed the product is replaced, otherwise the transaction is canceled, if the COMPANY can not replace the product with a corresponding or a better one, or one of equivalent value accepted as a replacement.

   If the transaction is canceled, the refund of the original purchase is made in the same way as the initial payment of the customer to the COMPANY.

  In particular, in the case of credit card payment, the COMPANY is obliged to inform the issuing Bank about the cancellation of the transaction and the bank will then proceed to any canceling action necessary as described within the bank - card holder agreement, freeing the COMPANY of all liabilities.

THE COMPANY following the notification of the bank, is not responsible for the time and manner of execution of the refund amound credited back to the customer by the bank, which is regulated by the aforementioned agreement.

  • In the case of cash payment, if the customer had opted for the "pick-up from the store" option, it would be refunded to him from any store of the COMPANY's network.
  • In the case of a bank transfer payment, a return bank wire transfer will be made from the COMPANY accounts to the customer.

In the event that the products are returned damaged or missing the Online Shop has the right to claim compensation from the customer, the amount of which will be determined by the condition of the products and unilaterally and unconditionally, wholly or partly offsetting its claim against the customer.