Shipping cost

Shipping cost

1. Courier service

Your products are shipped using ELTA and SPEEDEX courier door to door services all over Greece.

The shipping charge is based on the total weight of the order and is as follows :

a. 3.00 € for shipping up to 3kg

b. additional € 1.10 for each extra kg

c. Additional 2,50 € cost for cash on delivery feature (omly available for orders under 60.00€)

The above prices include 24% VAT.

The charge for each shipment depends on the combination of size and weight (IATA International Air Transport Organization's volumetric system). [Note: IATA = International Air Transport Association = Διεθνής Ένωση Αερομεταφορών}

If the volumetric weight of the shipment is greater than the actual (e.g. light but very bulky packages), then the charge is based on the volumetric weight and is calculated in kg by multiplying (length) x (width) x (height) in centimeters and dividing by 5000.

All domestic shipments are volumetric.

The volumetric weight is calculated in kilograms if we multiply the 3 dimensions of the package (measured in centimeters) and divide by 5,000.

The equation is : (Volumetric Weight in Kilo) = (Length in cm) * (Height in centimeters) * (Width in cm) / 5.000. In each case the highest weight value, actual or volumetric is invoiced.

For anything not regulated by the above, there will be communication with the company to estimate the cost of each shipment.

In case of heavy items you want shiped, a logistics shipping company is preferable.

For heavy items that you want shiped, a logistics company is a safer choise.

The charge in this case will be arranged by telephone for each shipment depending on the shiping company cost and the volume of the shipment.

The goods cost and shipping fee amount, will have to be wired into one of our bank accounts before shipping.

Before any return, you must first contact us by e-mail: or by telephone at our company 2310 449 851

Call Hours 

Monday - Wednesday - Saturday:

07:00 - 15:00

Tuesday - Thursday - Friday

07:00 - 15:00 & 17:00 - 20:30

In order to register your request in our records, otherwise the return cannot be accepted.