How to order

How to order

1. Through our web site

Find the products you are interested in, using the inbuilt search engine or by selecting category and product pages.

Click on the Add to Cart button next to the product you are interested in and this will be added in your on-line "shopping cart".

When you have finished adding products to your cart click on the ORDER FORM  button which is below the list of products you have in your cart, where you will be asked to select the form of payment and shipping methods. 

2. Telephone Order

You can place your order by phone at 2310 449 851 or send a message and we will call you.

Monday - Saturday: 07:00 - 15:00

3. By sending an e-mail  :

5. Order by visiting one of our stores

Temporarily not available untl further notice. 

Before your first ordet, we recommend that you register at by supplying valid credentials (Full Name - Address - Mobile Phone, etc.) so as to make your purchases through our web page easier and safer.

Orders are completed through a specific process described in detail below, because sometimes, for reasons that are not within our control, a product that appears available on our website is ultimately unavailable or non deliverable within the delivery time that is indicated on In order to be fully aware of the progress of the order you have placed and to be informed of any such case, the completion of your order is implemented through the following steps below :

Steps following:

1. Selection of products and addition in the "shopping cart",

2. submission of the order form by following the "steps" indicated to you,

3. filling in of all the details of your order, that are displayed on the order form

4. you receive an automated e-mail response containing the details of your order to our company, in your designated e-mail address.

Prior to every order you place, you must accept the present terms and conditions that govern our transactions overall.

Keep in mind, that the order is received by our company with the explicit reservation of thoroughly checking the availability of the products included in it. As, at this stage your application has not yet been processed by our company. 

Finally, we inform you that our company follows a strict policy of protecting your personal data and only with your explicit consent can they be processed, in the safest and most diligent way.

At this stage, our company thoroughly checks the availability of all the products included in your order.

Particularly :

Upon confirmation of availability of all the products included in your order, the delivery is carried out within the deadline displayed on our online store, and shiped in accordance with the courier delivery schedule of the courier company. An e-mail will be sent to your designating address containing all details for tracking the shipment.

In case an item ordered is out of stock, or unavailable within our online time delivery, a representative will contact with you by phone to conciliate for a posible modification or cancellation of your order.

If you cannot be reached by telephone, an e-mail will be sent  to the email address you have provided us so that you can contact us.

If for any reason neither of these two communications is possible, then after a period of 10 days from your initial order placement, your request will be canceled automatically and you will have to place a new order.

In any case, after contacting you, an e-mail confirmation of your new order will be sent to your designated email address, including all the new information in it.