Varnish protection of microcement coatings Planofinish pu 2kw mat Novamix Clear 4kg

-50% Varnish protection of microcement coatings Planofinish pu 2kw mat Novamix Clear 4kg

Varnish protection of microcement coatings Planofinish pu 2kw mat Novamix 4kg.
Two component aliphatic polyurethane varnish in water dispertion for protection of microcement coatings, natural stones, concrete and epoxy systems providing mat finish.
PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT is a varnish consisted of aliphatic polyurethane resins and it is used for protecting and enhancing the final surface of both floors and walls covered with natural stones and PLANOCOLOR microcement coatings. 
It provides also an anti-scrach protection on PLANOCOLOR RESIN floorings. 
Surfaces treated with PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT become harder with increased resistance to chemicals making daily maintenance easier. 
PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT is easily applied providing high aesthetic MAT finish without leaving roller traces when applied and due to it’s fast application (two layers within 30 minutes) the application time is significantly reduced eliminating the settling of pollutants on the fresh varnish layer . 
Furthermore PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT if required can be combined with DRY BRIGHT.

Typical Applications

PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT can be applied on:

• Decorative micro cement coatings such as PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM and PLANOCOLOR VENETICO.

• Slate, marble and in general natural stones.

• Concrete constructions such as bridges and subways.

• Epoxy and Polyurethane coatings or paints, such as PLANOCOLOR EPOXY or PLANOCOLOR LIQUID GLASS increasing their surface strength protecting from scratches and providing a mat finish.

• Cement based industrial floorings made with scattering mortar NOVADUR S and power float.

• Walls, floors, and specific constructions made with the special binder NOVACEM CREATIVE (but not inside swimming pools).

• Statues, facades and walls coverd with natural stones, tiles, decorative bricks etc. as protection against grafitti.

Application Procedure

Surface preparation

The application surface must be clean, dry, free of loose parts and in general materials which might compromise the adhesion of PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT on the substrate.

Any residual materials must be removed before applying PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT. In case of new concrete this must be left to cure enough (at least 28 days).

Decorative cement screeds such as PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM and VENETICO can be treated after 8 - 10 hours in normal conditions.

Caution: never wash the application surface with water.

The substrate should be insulated and not subject to continuous rising damp.

The maximum substrate humidity percentage mustn’t exceed 5% according to EN 14879 otherwise there is danger for the varnish to be detached from the substrate and spots might appear.

Furthermore in order for the application to be more effective, applying PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT has to be continious without "gaps".

For this reason it is important to protect from accidental fall of leaves, dust, dirt and other pollutants which may "hurt" the continuous membrane and allow to the water to penetrate under the PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT layer.

Preparing the mix

In the bucket containing the Part A add Part B and mix the two components by using a mechanical stirrer in low rpm until a homogeneous slightly viscous milky mix is obtained.

Never mix partially the two components otherwise there is danger that the product will not set properly or might delay to set significantly.

In cases of high absorbency substrates (like concrete, wood or walls made with NOVACEM CREATIVE) it is possiblethe first layer of the varnish to be diluted with water up to 5 - 10 % by weight.

Addition of the water takes place after mixing the two components and always using precision scale and always under the responsibility of the applicator.

Application of the mix

Apply the mix in two layers by means of a roller taking care not to leave excess quantity of the material.

The waiting time between the two layers is 15 - 30 minutes in normal conditions.

Take care so that PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT penetrates the surface well enough.

Even when applied in larger quantity it doesn’t leave roller traces and the final surface remains mat.

In any case considering the ability of PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT to be applied in various surfaces, in case of doubt always perform a test application.

PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT can be combined as well with the polyurethane varnish DRY BRIGHT.

This combination is recommended for heavy duty surfaces, benches and furniture where the maximum protection is required with a mat finish.

In such a case we must apply first on the dry and clean surface one coat of DRY BRIGHT diluted 1:1 with water and then we apply 2 layers of PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT undiluted. Consumption in this case is reduced. 


Daily cleaning of surfaces treated with PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT is done with neutral detergents such as NEUTRAL CLEANER, undiluted or diluted with water depending on the type of application.

For special cleaning cases such as black traces from tires, household stains, waxes, etc.

It is recommended to use ALCALINE CLEANER diluted with water in a 1:10 - 1:20 ratio.

In case of hard stains, salts such as cement residues apply HARD REMOVER or ACID CLEAN diluted with water in a 1:3 – 1:4 ratio and rinse thoroughly with water.

In every case when using ACID CLEAN or ALCALINE CLEANER always perform an application test.

For the removal of grafitti use water under pressure or CLEAN COLL undiluted. For additional information refer to the relevant Technical Data Sheet of the product.


To remove PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT from tools, surfaces, etc. use CLEAN COLL.

After 24 hours and once hardening occurs cleaning can be done only by mechanical means.

In renovation applications, i.e. when changing the color of PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K surface, removing the varnish is done by grinding with appropriate sand paper.

The resulting surface must be considered as a low absorbency area that must be treated with appropriate primer depending on the type of application. In such cases contact our Technical Support.


• Do not apply PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT on wet surfaces.

• Do not apply PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT upon dirty

surfaces or surfaces with old varnishes.

• Always use clean and specialized tools.

• Do not apply PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT upon surfaces subject to continuous rising damp.

Ensure that the maximum humidity percentage of the substrate does not exceed 5%.

• Do not apply PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT upon surfaces with very low or very high temperature.

The temperature of the surface to be treated (not the ambient temperature) should be between +15°C and +30°C otherwise the varnish will not set properly and spots or crusts might appear.

• In case of painted walls and ceilings always perform a compatibility and adhesion check test of PLANOFINISH PU MAT upon the painted surface.

• Do not apply PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT in excess quantity.

• Do not apply PLANOFINISH PU MAT inside swimming pools and in general for permanent water immersion (use PLANOFINISH PU).

• Although PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT doesn’t give a glossy finish, however reveals any imperfections, cracks and unevenness in the color of the final surface.

• All measurements and waiting time refer to surface temperature of +23°C and residual humidity of 50%.

Variations on the above may after waiting times or application process.

ATTENTION: The thin protective layer provided from the PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT application in order to be effective, has to be continuous without "gaps".

For this reason it is important, especially in exterior areas, to protect the fresh PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT layer from accidental fall of hair, leaves, dust which may "hurt" the

continuous membrane and allow to the water to penetrate under the PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT layer leading to creation of spots on the surface.

The same "spots" effect appears if we apply PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT on covering with present or evident rising humidity.


When PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT is applied alone, the consumption is between 150 - 180gr/m2 for two layers application.

If it is used as 2nd & 3rd layer combined with DRY BRIGHT (diluted 1 ÷ 1 with water) the consumption is between 120 - 150gr/m2.

Physical and chemical properties ΤΕCHNICAL DATA Product Identification Consistency liquid Colour transparent Odour resin characteristic Specific gravity 1,02 gr/cm3 Solids content 100% VOC Comp. A 1 gr/lit VOC Comp. B 310 gr/lit Application data (+230C and 50% R.H.) Application temperature range from +50C to +300C Application on PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM after 7 - 9 hours Waiting time between layers 15 - 30 min Set to light foot traffic 4 - 6 hours Set to heavy traffic 18 - 24 hours Final curing 3 days Final Performances Resistance to humidity (not rising) excellent Resistance to alkalis very good Resistance to aging excellent Resistance to oils excellent Resistance to acids very good Resistance to temperature from -400C up to +900C Hardness (Shore D Scale ASTM D 2240) 40±5 Adhesion to concrete ASTM D 903 >2,0 N/mm2 Storage PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT remains stable for at least 9 months in the original sealed packaging stored in temperature between +5°C and +30°C and protected from direct sun exposure. Packaging PLANOFINISH PU 2KW MAT is available in (3+1) kg and (0,75 + 0,25) kg units. Warning The technical data and recommendations contained in this leaflet correspond to the best of our knowledge and experience. All the above mentioned information in any case should be considered as merely indicate and subject to confirmation after long term practical applications. For this reason anyone interested of using the product must be sure before hand that the product is suitable for the envisaged application. In every case the user alone is fully responsible for any consequences deriving from the use of the product. We retain the right of renewal of the data of the leaflet without warning. For the latest and valid version of the Technical Data Sheet refer to use website or directly to the following QR code of the product. ONLY FOR PROFFESIONAL USE Safety Instructions For further information please refer to the Safety Data Sheet of the product.
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