Everbuild Mammoth Powerful Grip Tape double-sided 12mm x 2,5m

-35% Everbuild Mammoth Powerful Grip Tape double-sided 12mm x 2,5m

Everbuild Mammoth Powerful Grip Tape double-sided 12mm x 2,5m.

Everbuild Mammoth Powerful Grip Tape is a double-sided reinforced polyester cloth tape with a strong synthetic elastic resin adhesive designed to bond almost any material to itself or to another. 

The Everbuild Mammoth Powerful Grip Tape is extremely durable, can be used internally and externally and is completely watertight when applied.


• Adheres in ceramics, wood, glass, plastics, bricks, PVC etc
• All-weather.
• Strong initial bonding.
• Bonds on porous and non-porous surfaces.


• Do not use on oil or plasticiser surfaces.
• Do not use in areas subject to high temperature.
• It is the responsibility of the user to determine the suitability for use. 
For any doubt, contact Technical Services for advice.


  • Ensure that the surfaces to be applied are clean and dry. 
  • Non-porous surfaces, ie ceramic tiles, PVC, steel, etc. should be cleaned with a solvent and dry before application. 
  • Remove the outer packaging from the tape. 
  • Unscrew the required amount of tape from the roll by pressing firmly against the surface while unwinding. 
  • Carefully pull the protective paper against the other side of the tape. 
  • Press the element to firmly stick to its position with a uniform pressure. 
  • A secure bonding will be formed immediately, however full bond strength will be achieved after 48 hours.

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