Mondobello C-Black Liquid Glass colorant 10ml

-15% Mondobello C-Black Liquid Glass colorant 10ml

Mondobello C-Black Liquid Glass colorant 10ml.

Mondobello water based colorants are perfectly compatible with Tetralux liquid glass.

Available in blue, yellow, red, green and black.

You can also mix Mondobello colorants to achieve the desired tint.

How do you paint the Liquid Glass to be transparent?

The amount of pigment required should be less than 4% of the amount of liquid glass to be colored while remaining transparent.

So what you get is a transparent,  redish, yellowish, greenish, blueish or greyish see through material.

How do you paint the Liquid Glass so that it is opaque with the desired color?

If the pigment is greater than 4% of the volume of the two component resin, then the liquid glass will be opaque with the color of the dye you added.

In order to achieve the desired color transparency, we suggest you make a small sample initially.

The liquid glass can be colored in two ways:

1. Pour the desired amount of colorant into component A, stir for 2-3 minutes and add component B for homogeneity.

2. After mixing the base with the catalyst (A + B) and homogenise the mixture, add a little of the desired colorant to the mix.

We recommend combining colorants with Mondobello Glitter powders.

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