Mondobello Chalk wax 250ml Clear

-30% Mondobello Chalk wax 250ml Clear

Mondobello Chalk wax 250ml Clear.

Mondo Bello Chalk Wax is a special finishing wax paste applicable to surfaces painted with Chalk Paint by Mondobello. 

Suitable for extra color protection offering velvety smooth texture and uniform result. 

It also protects the surface from scratches and moisture and is ideal for enhancing its tone. 

It has a low odor. 

Application instructions

  • Stir well before use. 
  • The surfaces must be clean, dry and free from dirt. 
  • Application and drying at temperatures from 20 °C to 35 °C.
  • Apply with a good quality brush or a cotton cloth after painting the surfaces with the Chalk paint.
  • Apply one thin layer and after dry, apply the second layer. 
  • Wait 30 minutes between the layers, to allow the wax to be absorbed by the surface. 
  • It dries in 1-2 hours.


about 15 m² / lit per layer

Tool cleaning

Remove as much material as possible from the tools and then clean them immediately using TETRALUX 803 solvent. Immediately after that wash them with hot water and soap.

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