Chalkpaint Kasos decorative water based paint Mondobello 0,75lt

Chalkpaint Kasos decorative water based paint Mondobello 0,75lt

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Chalkpaint Kasos decorative water based paint Mondobello 0,75lt.
Mondo Bello chalk paint is a decorative water based paint that produces a matte finish and plenty of decorative effects, shade combinations, vintage style, shabby chic. 
Ideal for restoration and decoration of wooden furniture, walls or objects made of various materials such as wood, glass, iron, marble, plastic, wallpaper, brick, cement, etc. 
It is applied on any old surface painted with paint or varnish and does not need any preparation , Sanding or priming. 
It dries quickly, has a lot of clarity and is available in many shades. 
It is not necessary to protect the surface with wax or varnish.


Instructions for implementation

  • Shake well before use. The surfaces must be clean, dry and free of foreign matter and substances. Application and drying at temperatures from 10 ° C to 35 ° C. 
  • It is applied with brush, roller or gun, with or without dilution with water depending on the desired effect. 
  • Dries in touch in about 30 minutes and can be recoated in 6 hours.
  • Chalk Paint is applied directly to the surface in 1 or 2 layers depending on the desired effect.
  • No sanding or priming of the surface is required. 
  • You can apply two layers of different color for shade combinations. 
  • Once the surface has dried well, sand with a sandpaper locally in order to brush off the final color to the points you want to make the previous shade appear and get the surface an impressive vintage or shabby chic look. 
  • Apply a layer of Mondobello wax or TETRAWOOD water varnish by TETRALUX for different vintage results and extra protection.


12 m²/lit approximately

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