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Mondobello 10gr Glitter lusso gold 540 iridescent powder

-20% Mondobello 10gr Glitter lusso gold 540 iridescent powder
Mondobello 10gr Glitter lusso gold 540 iridescent powder.

Decorative, ultra fine, metallic pigments in gold, silver and iridescent shades.

Specially designed crystals with a wide variety of dashing sparkle decorative effects.

Exceptional in quality, Mondobello Glitter Powder has the ability to highlight and enhance the beauty of decorative paint techniques in every space.

They can create impressive iridescend and reflecting effects on the surfaces upplied on.


1. Apply the powder directly to the surface (drowning).
Sprinkling the material onto a fresh cementitious surface giving a unique character of aesthetics.
Sprinkling on decorative epoxy floors, giving them a durable, glamorous and glossy surface with high decorative interest and distinctive style.

2. Application of a previously diluted powder in liquid glass resins, glazes, transparent water based gloss, satin, mat varnishes.
The addition of Mondobello Glitter powder to the transparent liquid glass resin surfaces produces a wide variety of special sparkle decorative effects.

3. They can be applied directly by blowing on freshly painted wall surfaces or various wooden or metal objects.


Transparent Acrylic Plastic small vase: 2,5gr - 5gr - 10gr
Glass vase in a cardboard box: 15gr - 20gr - 30gr - 50gr

* Minimum quantity is sufficient to produce the desired effect.
* They are applied indoors, on walls and floors.
Physical and chemical properties

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