Two component cement Novamix Planocolor Premium 2k 17kg

-50% Two component cement Novamix Planocolor Premium 2k 17kg

Two component cement Novamix Planocolor Premium 2k 17kg.
Two component cement based system for creating high strength and low thickness decorative screeds with smooth finish.
PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K is cement based low thickness decorative screed which is obtained by mixing the PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K powder with the PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM LATEX and relative colour pigment (NOVACOLOR DESIGN).
The PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K powder is a dry mixture of special high strength cements, fine graded aggregates and synthetic resins in powder form. After properly mixing with PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM LATEX (elasticising latex) the NOVACOLOR DESIGN pigments and water, we obtain a mix which is applied easily on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.
After hardening it forms a decorative layer of high strength and high aesthetic value. Due to the fine graded sand the final result is a smooth surface without the need of ‘sanding’.
The final varnish waterproofing can provide a mat, satin or glossy finish depending on the aesthetic requirements of the application.
PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K is mixed with the pigments in liquid form NOVACOLOR DESIGN available in 54 RAL colours (see relevant standardized colour chart) and in 32 non standardized colours (see non standardized colour chart).
The excellent workability of the mix allows us to incorporate suitable fiberglass net reinforcement if required.
The application is done in 2 - 3 layers but additional layers can be applied if required.
Due to the great variety of PLANOCOLOR SYSTEM primers the application can be done on existing covering materials such as existing ceramic tiles, marble, and wood and even on metal, porcelain, gypsum board etc.

Typical Applications

The PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K low thickness decorative screed can be used in applications such as:

• Smooth finish floor or wall coverings with the minimum of joints in houses, modern design constructions, artistic floors, hotels, restaurants, bars, and night clubs.

• Walls and floors in internal and external areas.

• Final decorative layer with smooth finish in constructions such as built in fireplaces (not inside the chamber), beds, furniture, flower pots, tables, offices, benches, shower rooms, whirlpools.

• Retail sales shops, galleries, hotel bathrooms covered with ceramic tiles, marble, metal, wood even sanitary wear made of porcelain during renovations when we want to avoid the demolishing of the existing covering and we want to apply a low thickness decorative layer directly on the existing covering (with the use of the relevant primer) without ‘lifting’ the substrate.

• Floors where we want to frequently change the colour or the pattern.

•Areas with under floor heating installation and in general floors where we want to combine a medium elasticity with high strength, which in addition can be cleaned easily due to the few joints.

Application Procedure

Substrate preparation

The substrate has to be compact, clean, and free of oil, grease, loose particles and any substance which can compromise the adhesion of the PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K layer to the substrate.

Loose plaster segments should be removed and then repaired with the fast curing plaster RS 110.

Since there is a demand for a high strength substrate, it is recommended to mix the RS 110 with water and add also 2kg of the enhancing latex PL 400.

The dilution of PL 400 with water should take place before mixing with RS 110.

The minimum tensile strength of the substrate must be at least 1,0 N/mm² and humidity mustn't exceed the 3 - 4% in a 2 cm depth according to EN 14879.

If the compressive strength and the residual humidity requirements are not fulfilled, there is a great danger of cracking or even detachment of the PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K layer from the substrate.

Existing cracks should be restored by using the two component epoxy glue EPO FLUID and incorporating metallic nails.

As still it is still fresh the EPO FLUID layer, scatter silica sand NOVAMIX S 500 in order to create Adhesion Bridge.

Prior to the application of the PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K layer, it is always recommended to apply the proper primer.

The primer which has to be used depends on the type of substrate and from the type of application.

On absorbent and compact, free of rising humidity substrates, it is recommended to apply the synthetic resin primer PLANOPRIMER, pure or diluted 1:1 with water, depending on how absorbent is the substrate.

On low absorbency substrates such as existing mosaic floors, ceramic tiles or marble, it is recommended to prime the substrate with PLANO CONTACT or SC ELASTIC.

On absorbent cement based substrates with lower strength, which require consolidation, it is recommended the application of the epoxy primer WATER PRIMER EPX.

On existing non absorbent external floors, on existing ceramic tile floors with wide joints (larger than 4 - 5mm), on furniture,wooden constructions or metal, it is recommended the use of SC ELASTIC in a minimum thickness of 2mm and with a fiberglass net incorporation.

On absorbent substrates like in external floors, built-in showers, whirlpools etc. we can also use the SC 200 PENETRATE in a minimum thickness of 2 mm and with a fiberglass net incorporation.

For additional information refer to the Technical Data Sheet of the relevant products and contact our Technical Support.

Preparing the mix

On the bucket containing the 15Kg of PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K powder purr the 2kg of the synthetic resin PREMIUM LATEX and the bottles containing the color pigment in liquid form NOVACOLOR DESIGN (the quantity of the bottles depend on the colour see relevant colour charts for details).

The addition of the approx 2 - 2,5Kg of water needed in order to prepare the mix, depending on the required mix viscosity (wall or floor) is obtained by putting water inside the recipients containing the PREMIUM LATEX and the NOVACOLOR DESIGN.

Stir well the recipients in order to be sure that all the quantity of the pigment and the LATEX will be part of the mixing water and add it on the mix.

By means of a mechanical stirrer mix well till you obtain a uniform mix free of lumps. In this way we ensure that there is no loss of pigment as well as elasticing LATEX from the mix.

Let the mix to rest for 3 - 5 min and after that it is ready. For the 7,5Kg quantity of PREMIUM 2K all proportions change accordingly.

Important note: if required from the type of application, we can mix different NOVAMIX colour pigments in order to obtain a special color. In such cases it is important to follow a very strict procedure regarding the proportions of each

NOVACOLOR DESIGN pigment is used. In any case keep in mind that PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM is not paint but cement based decorative layer which doesn’t have the typical ‘behavior’ of paint.

Application of the mix

Apply the mix on the substrate by means of a notched trowel in a thickness of 1 - 2mm, incorporating appropriate fiberglass net.

After 10 hours in a temperature of +23°C, apply a second coat by using a flat trowel in order to cover the fiberglass net.

If required apply a third or more coats, till you obtain the required pattern or color (under the condition that you haven’t apply waterproofing varnish).

On hot or windy days, if we have sanded the previous layer or if the previous coat was applied more than 20hours before, it is recommended to prime the surface with PLANOPRIMER diluted in water 1:1.

The application is done ‘wet on wet’.

The pot life of the mix at +23°C & 50% residual humidity, is 2 - 3 hours and we can walk on the surface after 4 - 5 hours.

It is recommended to avoid applying on very hot or windy days in exterior in order to avoid rapid water evaporation which can create cracks.

If this is not possible you have to create a humid environment at least for the first hours by using air-conditioning,

humidifiers etc.

Ideal temperature for application is between +80C and +35°C. After 24 hours (at +23°C and 50% residual humidity) from the completion of the last layer, we can make the surface waterproofing by using one of the

DRY BRIGHT, PROTECT 200, PLANOFINISH EPOXY or a varnish of the PLANOFINISH PU series depending on the requirements of the application.

Apply DRY BRIGHT in 2 coats on walls or horizontal surfaces with light traffic when there is a requirement for ‘satin’ look. Apply PROTECT 200 only on walls in interior or in exterior only if there is requirement for waterproofing.

When we require a shinny finish in internal, not exposed to direct sunlight areas, we can use PLANOFINISH EPOXY.

For a mat appearance apply a first coat of DRY BRIGHT diluted 1:1 inside water and after that a thin layer of PLANOFINISH PU MAT or 2 layers of PLANOFINISH PU 2K W MAT.

In case of external floor applications where often solvent based varnishes are required we can apply PLANOFINISH PU 2KS (glossy) or PLANOFINISH PU 2KS MAT. For additional information refer to the Technical Data Sheet of the

relevant products and contact our Technical Support.

Movement joints

It is important to foreseen the incorporation of expansion joints.

It is recommended to incorporate expansion joints in the perimeter of the rooms in interior areas and every 20 -25m² in external areas. In any case every 7 - 10 linear meters in interior and every 5 - 7 linear meter in exterior we have to incorporate expansion joints.

The expansion joints incorporation depends on factors such as the use, the place and the type of the surface.

Existing expansion joints should be respected and not to be filled or covered with PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K.

The expansion joints between PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K coatings, can be filled with appropriate sealants or prefabricated joints which can be used also as ‘thickness guides’ during the application process.

Combination with other decorative elements of PLANOCOLOR SYSTEM

PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K can be combined with other decorative coatings of PLANOCOLOR SYSTEM. With PLANOCOLOR GRANIT or cement based system NOVACEM CREATIVE it can be used for creating ‘borders’ or making area separation depending on the different use of the floor/wall inside retail sales shops, restaurants, and external floorings.

With PLANOCOLOR LIQUID GLASS it can be used a colored substrate which can receive optical fibers, illuminating floor paints, mosaics, artistic designs etc. which will receive the transparent decorative and protective layer PLANOCOLOR LIQUID GLASS in a few mm thickness.
Requirement for colour change after use (rennovation) One of the main and most important characteristics of PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K is the ability to completely "cover" the colour of existing layers applied in a thickness of 1mm.
In example we can transform a grey coloured floor, produced with PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K, with a beige, green, etc without removing the existing covering.
To achieve this we must grind the existing surface with sandpaper in order to ensure that the layer of the existing varnish is completely removed (in cases of floors the fiber mesh used acts as a guide), clean without using liquid detergents and prime the surface with PLANOPRIMER. For additional information refer to the Technical Data Sheet of the relevant products and contact our Technical Support.


The PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K powder is available in plastic buckets of 7,5kg or 15Kg which is mixed with 1kg & 2Kg PREMIUM LATEX accordingly and a relevant number of NOVACOLOR DESIGN color pigments (see relevant color charts details).


PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K remains unaltered for at least 12 months in a protected place from humidity and direct sunlight exposure, in the original package sealed.

Cleaning Tools and recipients used for the PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K and PREMIUM LATEX mixing and application should be cleaned with water before hardening occurs. After hardening, cleaning can be done only by mechanical means. .


• Do not apply PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K in total water or chemical immersion like in tanks or swimming pools. It can be used in wet areas like in example external floors, built-in showers, or bathrooms but not for permanent immersion.

• Do not cover with PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K expansion or movement joints in internal or external areas.

• The PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K as well as any cement based mortar requires the incorporation of expansion joints.

• Do not apply PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K on substrates of low strength (minimum strength 1,0N/mm²). if required consolidate with WATER PRIMER EPX.

• Do not apply PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K on substrates which have or will develop in the future humidity content more than 3%.

• Prior to the application of artistic paint make a compatibility test. • Do not mix PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K with sand, gypsum, cement, resins or other binders.

• It is recommended to avoid using different production dates of PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K in the same area due to the risk of a slight color change. This is a precaution normally taken in all colored materials such as ceramic tiles, cloths etc.

• Do not add water or enhancing latex on the pot containing the PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K mix when it starts to set. In such cases the mix should be dropped.

• Do not apply PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K on surfaces not properly primed.

• When PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K is applied on existing epoxy based layers, always prime the substrate with PLANOPRIMER EPOXY and scatter on the fresh primer layer S 500 silica sand in order to make adhesive bridge.
• The application should be done from specialized skilled professionals.

• PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K contains cement. All necessary precautions related to cement based products such as curing in humid environment, protection from severe climatic conditions during the first hours after the application, should be taken.


The consumption of PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K depends on the form of the substrate and the requirements of the application.

Normally for walls and for a thickness of 2 mm a quantity of 2 - 2,5kg/m² is required. For floors and fiberglass net incorporation a quantity of 3 - 3,2kg/m² is required.


The technical data and recommendations contained in this leaflet correspond to the best of our knowledge and experience.

All the above mentioned information in any case should be considered as merely indicate and subject to confirmation after long term practical applications.

For this reason anyone interested of using the product must be sure before hand that the product is suitable for the envisaged application.

In every case the user alone is fully responsible for any consequences deriving from the use of the product.

We retain the right of renewal of the data of the leaflet without warning.

For the latest and valid version of the Technical Data Sheet refer to use website or directly to the following QR code of the product.


Safety Instructions

For further information please refer to the Safety Data Sheet of the product.

Physical and chemical properties ΤΕCHNICAL DATA PLANOCOLOR Product Identification PREMIUM 2K PLANOCOLOR LATEX Type Powder Liquid Color Whitish White emulsion Specific gravity 1,5gr/cm³ 1,06 gr/cm³ Conditions / Limitations Substrate Temperature +8°C min. / +35°C max. Ambient Temperature +8°C min. / +35°C max. Humidity Substrate <4% pbw moisture content. Control method: measuring CM, or oven drying method Relative Air Humidity 80% rh maximum Total thickness of application 2 ‒ 8 mm Minimum application thickness for walls 2 mm Minimum application thickness for floors and swimming pools 3 mm Apply protective coating or waterproofing after 24 hours at +23°C / 50% RH Mechanical / Physical Properties Mixing Ratio 15 Κg powder 2Κg Latex & 2Kg water Specific weight of the mixture 1,6 ‒ 1,8 gr/cm³ ΕΝ 1015 - 6 Pot life 2 - 3 hours ΕΝ 13395 - 1 Flexural strength 1 day ≥ 3,70 N/mm2 7 days ≥ 9,20 N/mm2 28 days ≥ 12,0N/mm2 ΕΝ 13892 - 2 Compressive strength 1 day ≥ 9,20 N/mm2 7 days ≥ 36,8N/mm2 28 days ≥ 53,4N/mm2 ΕΝ 13892 - 2 Adhesion ≥ 3 N/mm2 (failure in concrete) ΕΝ 13892 - 8 Abrasion Resistance AR0,5 (<50 μm) acc. to BCA ΕΝ 13892 - 4
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