Diamond Liquid Glass Α+Β Tetralux 0,450lt

-30% Diamond Liquid Glass Α+Β Tetralux 0,450lt

Diamond Liquid Glass Α+Β Tetralux 0,450lt .
DIAMOND LIQUID GLASS is a two-component self-leveling epoxy resin free of solvents or water, suitable for creating high-quality aesthetic surfaces on horizontal interior surfaces, floors, tables, etc.
Can be applied over colored inert, digital 3D prints, photos , Optical fibers, etc. It can also be mixed with powdery pigments such as iron oxides, glitter or overcoat styles.
Due to the absence of solvents it IS oddorless when it is applied.
After its polymerization, it acquires high resistance to solvents, acids and chemical compounds.

Mixing ratio: A: B = 2: 1

Yield: As varnish or primer 100-120gr / m2. As a coating of 1.1kg / m2 / mm thick.

Drying: Our surface for at least 6-8 hours should not come into contact with moisture. Light scattering after 24-36 hours while normal at 72. Ultimate ripening 7 days.

Shades: Transparent

Packaging: Set 0.45lit, 2lit, 9lit


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